Little Fish Podcast Episode Notes


Episode 3 - 4 April 2019

Think you live and work in a free-market economy? It’s a delusion. From the United States to Australia, and whether about beer, banking or Big Tech, consumers have been sold a turkey. Monopoly and oligopoly corporations dictate our choices, how much we pay for products and services and how little we earn. After more than a generation of monopolies rising and regulatory capture, faux free-market capitalism is getting the scrutiny it deserves. Will the 1 per cent continue to resist reform or embrace it?

“If we define capitalism as competitive free markets, that is not the capitalism that exists in today’s universe… we are in a situation where most industries are dominated by a handful of very large companies. Beer and airlines and banking, most people are aware of those. But what we found is that (concentration of industrial power) is incredibly pervasive in areas that are not intuitive like funeral services, eye glasses or kidney dialysis. The list of industries that are concentrated is just endless.”


Denise Hearn, co-author, The Myth of Capitalism: Monopolies and the Death of Competition


In this podcast, The Myth of Capitalism co-author, Denise Hearn and Little Fish host, Sandy Plunkett discuss how capitalism can get its groove back and work for the 99 per cent.


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